Content management in Telegram has never been so easy

Redirectsbot helps administrators of Telegram channels and groups create, redirect, translate posts and much more
About us
The Redirectsbot software package allows users to successfully manage Telegram content through a bot without leaving the client. Redirectsbot is the best solution not only for channel and group administrators, but also for ordinary users. The bot makes it possible to form a common news feed from several channels, groups or bots .Fill your channel with content manually or automatically redirect posts from various sources to your own, make postponed posts for a date and time, translate posts from any to any language, modify posts by adding various buttons and many more ...
Benefits of working with Redirectsbot
Save time
The bot allows you to automate the process of sending posts, makes it possible to create deferred posts, automatically translates the text of the post into the language you need
Working space
All materials are stored in a secure Telegram client. Create beautiful posts, set up post redirects to automatically fill your feeds with content, access the bot 24/7 in real time.
Convenient anywhere, from any device
Use any device you like. Laptop, tablet or phone - Redirectsbot works equally well on any screen. At any time you are aware of what is happening!
All your channels and groups are in one place and are controlled by one bot without leaving telegrams. A clear and simple interface helps to focus and correctly distribute tasks.
Choose your Plan
At the start, a test tariff is given for 1 day, after its end the tariff will switch to free
/per month
/per month
/per month
Additional paid options:
  • RSS feed - ₽500/month
  • Post translation - ₽1000/month
  • 1 extra slot - ₽100/month
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